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Our beautiful classroom has cedar wood ceilings and is filled with natural light. The classroom can be rented in hour increments for a minimum of 2 hours.


Classroom facility includes:

  • 48 chairs folding mesh chairs

  • 6 seminar style tables

  • Projector

  • Projector screen

  • 1 display table

  • 2 speaker barstools


The classroom is equipped with a small kitchenette and opens into our lobby. There are 2 bathrooms in the lobby.  All of these areas are available for students and teachers to use.

Room #1:

IDEAL PURPOSE: Coaching, Mentoring


Room facilities include:

  • Love seat

  • Round Table

  • 2 client chairs

  • Chalkboards

Room # 2:

IDEAL PURPOSE: Foot Zoning, Reflexology, Health & Wellness


Room facilities include:

  • Reclined Client Chair

  • Desk

  • Practitioner chair

  • 2 client chairs

Room # 3:

IDEAL PURPOSE: Massage, Cranial Sacral, Aromatouch, Body Code


Room facilities include:

  • Massage Table

  • Rolling Practitioner Chair

  • Hamper for laundry (linens not included)

  • Rolling cart

  • Client Chair

Room # 4:

IDEAL PURPOSE: Reiki, Heart Centered Therapy, Emotion Code


Room facilities include:

  • Massage Table

  • Practitioner Chair

  • 2 Client Chairs

  • Small Tables


Serena Wholeness is an incredible gathering place made from the finest materials available. With beautiful cedar ceilings, wooden beams from a mine in Park City, knotty alder doors and trims, and hardwood flooring throughout, the energy of the building is very grounding. The light fixtures are beautiful and artistic and include a shell chandelier in the center of the offices. The rustic feel takes you out of the city and into a feeling of nature, and being nurtured. The word serena is Italian and means serene, calm and sheltered. We have created that environment for you. A home away from home.


We hope you will join our community of wholeness.

Additional Features:

HALLWAY: Our beautiful hallway between offices is a feature unto itself! The circle in the middle has an amazing shell chandelier. On the floor in the circle our logo is stamped into colored concrete. Above the circle in the ceiling is a beautiful world peace grid holding 15 crystals. People love to come stand in the circle to feel the amazing energy there. During construction, rose quartz crystals were placed in the 2×4’s before the sheetrock went up. The walls are literally filled with love.

LOBBY: The lobby is open for the use of the office practitioners as well as the classroom teachers and students.

BATHROOMS: Two bathrooms are located in the lobby area: one that is designed for wheelchair access, and a second bathroom for general use.


KITCHENETTE: There is also a small kitchenette available in the classroom that includes:

  • Refrigerator (under the counter)

  • Microwave

  • Counter space for serving

Empowering people to create wholeness

in body, mind and spirit.

144 E 1200 S Centerville, UT 84014

801.540.8648 (Mechelle)

 © 2015  Serena Wholeness  All rights reserved

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